Saturday, September 25, 2021

One Year & Counting!

 Baby girl is already one year old! She's walking, talking, is not a picky eater in the slightest, and loves her daddy. We are blessed beyond measure. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

22 Things About Me (UPDATED)

 So, a lot has changed since I wrote the first 22 Things About Me post. I decided to update it. :)

1: I'm 23, and I got my first job last year, which is a stay-at-home job, and it's been very useful in teaching me things like customer service, invoicing, bookkeeping and charting. I stopped working this job and got one at Hobby Lobby. That lasted until close to the end of 2019. I then began working at a different Hobby Lobby in 2020 until I was closer to giving birth to our daughter.

2: I want to live in Panama City, Florida. I absolutely love Florida! I love the heat, the palm trees, the clear water and white beaches, and the seagulls. I even love the sandy yards, so different from our rich brown Alabama soil. I still love Panama, but I don't have to live there anymore. But retiring in that area one day with my hubby sounds fantastic.

3: I want to be an author. I want to write short stories, kids stories, a series, fiction, fantasy, sci-fi...stories that are fun and clean to read. It got to where I was very disappointed when perusing the teen section in our library, as most of the books I picked up I had to put back again because they were full of teen intimacy, language, and unnecessary disrespect for elders. I want to write something that parents will be okay with their child reading, like The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, the Sammy Keyes mysteries, etc. I still want to write, but I haven't been as interested lately.

4: I love knitting, specifically hats and baby blankets. Still true, though I haven't knit in a few months.

5: I love dancing, specifically ballroom. Waltz is one of my favorite dances. I enjoy it, but I'm not as passionate about it anymore. I used to want to teach, but now I'm content watching from the sidelines and dancing occasionally with my hubby and brother-in-laws.

6: I love to swim, and I wish I could breathe underwater. I would love to work as a mermaid, or in a marine park with dolphins. I'd make sure they were treated well and not abused in any way. The first sentence is still true, but now I'm a stay-at-home-mom, which I prefer over any job at the moment. <3

7: I'm not a germaphobe. If I'm comfortable with you and I know you aren't sick or haven't been sick, then I will gladly share my drink or food with you. The only place I might be a bit germophobic about is the bathroom. Even when it's clean, there's something about that toilet....XP Not so true anymore, I'm very careful about who I share food and drink with now that I have a baby.

8: I am more patient with my friends than I am with my family. Of course, I have a different relationship with my family than with my friends, but it will take a lot to get me angry with you. Unless you do something obviously backhanded and cruel. Then I'll cut you from my life and have no problems with warning others of your backstabbing behavior. Partially true. I'd say I'm equally patient with my family now.

9: Obviously, I love photography. Capturing the perfect photo is such a pleasure, and makes me feel so happy. STILL TRUE! :D

10: I'm not very confident. There are areas in my life where I feel very confident, but if you were to ask me about them I would immediately have second thoughts and hesitation. I'm working on not caring so much about what people think of me and just trying to live my life biblically. I have become a lot more confident now. My amazing husband helps me with my confidence everyday. I don't need everyone's approval, I have his and the Lord's, and I'm more than content with that.

11: I love hugs. No side hugs either, full on hugs. They make me feel safe and happy, and I love it when other people initiate first contact. If you're happy to see me, hug me. I will definitely hug you back. Okay, so I still love hugs, but there are some people I don't enjoy hugging so much...

12: I'm quiet, and prefer sitting in the background and observing. But that doesn't mean I'm not having fun. Sometimes I get more enjoyment at a party by just sitting and watching everyone rather than actually joining in. I now prefer to talk to people or hang out with my hubby. If I'm not taking care of the baby, of course. Though typically when we go out to a social event his side of the family is there, and her grandparents adore her, so she's well taken care of. <3

13: I've never been kissed, and I am really looking forward to it. :D Kissing my Andrew for the first time was thrilling, but I definitely hyped it up. Neither one of us had ever been kissed, so we didn't know what we were doing 😂. It took a few times before the kissing got 'good'.

14: I enjoy Korean/Asian dramas. They're sweet, funny, and typically clean. I thoroughly enjoy a love story that isn't full of uncontrollable passion. Seriously, watch Strong Girl Bong Soon, Accidentally in Love, Love O2O, and there are others I can't remember now. 

15: I wish I hadn't cut my hair. I'm letting it grow back out, and don't intend to ever cut it again. So, I changed my mind and cut it again because Andrew suggested it for when I was in labor. It definitely made things easier on me while giving birth, and afterwards it stayed out of my way. 

16: I hate driving in the rain. A light, easy rain is okay, but I do not enjoy driving in a hard, heavy downpour, to the extent that I will cancel plans I have made so I don't have to leave the house. I still think it's dangerous driving in the rain, but I'm a lot more confident doing it now.

17: I am afraid of heights. I get shaky and dizzy and cling possessively to anything solid until I can get back on lower ground. Still very, very true. But I did ride roller coasters at Six Flags last year, when Andrew invited me to go with him and his sisters. That was the day we first held hands. 💓

18: I love horses and I want to own a dog. But right now, my cat Natsu is my precious little fur-baby, and I wouldn't trade him for anything. :) So...I didn't *trade him*, but I couldn't keep Natsu with me once I got married (I didn't want him to go outside because we're in a more busy area than where my mom lives), so I left him at my mama's house and then gave her permission to give him to an old friend. So, he's good, but I don't have him anymore.

19: I love Chinese food, especially Teriyaki chicken, egg rolls and noodles. I also love shrimp and sushi, and the fake crab meat you get at Chinese buffets. STILL TRUE!!!

20: I'm a homebody, so if you want to come over and hang out and not do anything I'm down for it. Bring snacks, we'll have a Netflix party. Still accurate.

21: I like to draw, and I love to look at art stuff. It's so much fun. Still true.

22: I love candles. Specifically the ones that smell like coffee, caramel, chocolate...sweet stuff, you know? Still true.

October Photos




Sunday, October 18, 2020

Winter is Here!!!

 I am *so* late with this post 😭! Oh well. Our baby girl has arrived! Winter Elaine was born on September 21st at 12:30. She was 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. She is now almost four weeks old, and is 10lbs. She's healthy and beautiful, and has us wrapped around her lovely little fingers 💓. She's started sleeping through the night (10:30-11:00 to 6:00), and loves looking at lights.

Sunday, July 5, 2020


        Our good friends agreed to let me take pictures of their sweet little one, Baby A. I still have a long way to go to unlock all of my camera's potential, but I still love how these pictures turned out. Baby A was so happy, absolutely *adorable*, and didn't fuss once! Such a cutie pie!!

        (Seeing Andrew's reaction to her was also so special. I have seen her several times since she was born, but this was the first time Andrew got to meet her. He said several times that after seeing her made him even more excited to meet our little one in just a few weeks. He makes my heart melt. I am so blessed!!!) 💗💗💗

Friday, July 3, 2020

Life Update

          So, it's been about nine months since our wedding. We've grown closer, and more deeply in love with each other every day. God has been with us every step of the way, and we are so grateful and blessed for His patience, mercy, love, and providence. We don't deserve His blessings, but we are full of gratitude, and constantly being humbled by His goodness <3.
        Update #1:

        I'M PREGNANT!!! About 7 months in now, 3rd trimester, 30 weeks :D. We're having a baby girl (name reveal later ;) ).

        Update #2:

        Andrew bought me a new camera and new lens! The camera is a Canon 5D Mark IV, and it is *definitely* a step up from my Canon T3i. The lens is an 85mm 1.8 by MEKE. Here are a few pics I took of Andrew. :D